Hebrew documents from the 13th and 14 th Centuries

Recovery and study of the documents

The Department of Culture and Communication of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain) and the Historical Archive of Girona, in collaboration with the Patronate of the Call of Girona, the Red de Juderías de España and the Hanadiv Charitable Foundation, have began to carry out the recovery, conservation and study of these documents. Since 2010, the Girona project collaborates with the European project "Books within Books: Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries".

Esperança Valls, graduate in Hebrew philology with a diploma in advanced Hebrew and Aramaic studies of the University of Barcelona is currently working on the classification, cataloguing and study of these documents, under the direction of Professor Joan Ferrer, Semitist and Professor of Hebrew and Aramaic at the University of Girona. Among other scholars who contributed to the project are the late Mr Eduard Feliu, reputed Hebraist and President of the Catalan Society of Hebrew Studies of the IEC, unfortunately recently deceased, and Professor Mauro Perani of the University of Bologne (Italy), director of the 'Italian Genizah' Project.

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