Hebrew documents from the 13th and 14 th Centuries

The collection: history of a discovery

Confirmation that the bindings of medieval books of notaries at the Historical Archive of Girona contain important numbers of Hebrew documents was made in 1998, in collaboration with Prof. Mauro Perani from the University of Bologna (Italy). While the presence of occasional Hebrew manuscripts has long been noticed by archivists and scholars, no one anticipated the size and the importance of the collection. After a preliminary study of 2.202 register books of Girona notaries dated up to 1500, it was found that at least 180 books of the 14th and the 15th century contain Hebrew fragments reused in their bindings.

This preliminary search opened new important perspectives and expectations. Historians and specialists in the Jewish language and culture agree that these documents constitute an unprecedented source for the study of the history of the Jewish community of Girona, of which only a few surviving direct sources were known so far.

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